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Browse from a wide array of plant species imported from all across the world.

Trendy Cactus Varieties

Our cacti variety are one of our most sought-after products!

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An accessory for every pot and plant you can image, hailing from different parts of the world.

Need help in choosing the right plants?

Here at GSW, we utilise next-gen technology to help you find the right plant of your choice. Each section of the warehouse is stationed with virtual tablets you can carry around freely.

These tablets allow you to browse our catalogue, navigate the warehouse with 3D directions, and directly make a purchase without needing to checkout at the cashier! Simply collect your product at our collection point, return the tablet, and you’re good to go!


Hear from some our our satisfied customers and plant enthusiasts.

I’ve never seen such a plant store, let alone a warehouse of this size! It’s truly amazing to not only see the grandeur of it all, but also how meticulously every plant is treated, with absolute love and care. I find myself returning to the warehouse just for a pleasant walk.  

Eula Winters

World-Famous Gardener

I was skeptical when I heard about a plant warehouse at first, but GSW turned my expectations upside down. All I can say is prepared to be wowed. 

Margeret Boseman

I wanted to decorate my house with plants from Japan, but every shop that sold them was either too expensive or too negligent on the condition of the plant. But GSW delivered me exactly what I wanted. 

Hinamori Mai

Exchange Student

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