Exciting International School Curriculum and Learning Experience

international school Penang

International schools prepare young learners to be competitive in today’s increasingly global economy by providing them with an education equal to that of other graduates from other countries. It might seem like just a small step up from the primary school you attended, but international schools truly open up many more opportunities for your future students. Students are already geared towards quality tertiary education wherever in the world, meaning that they are highly qualified for high paying jobs right around the corner. They can also choose to pursue other types of higher education, such as law or medicine. It all depends on where in the world they wish to study.

One thing that you can do to help prepare your child for an international school is to expose him/her to the wide variety of cultures represented in Malaysia. There are two types of schools – the private and the government-operated. The government-operated schools usually offer a curriculum that is dictated by the Malaysian Education Department (MED) which is approved by the International Organization for Standardization. Private schools, on the other hand, can be flexible when it comes to the curriculum. They may offer a few subjects that are pre-requisites for some courses, or they may include some of the non-core subjects from the International Labor Organization’s Quality Improvement Program, or ISO.

Because of the large number of students from various countries enrolling in Malaysia, the government has put lots of effort into promoting tenant as a great place for international students to settle down. A large proportion of tenant residents are foreigners from various Asian countries such as Korea, Japan, China and India. Because of this, opening offers a great array of cultural attractions and events for tourists who come here, most notably the country’s largest annual freepost fair, the Penang International Festival, an extravagant festival that features traditional Indian, Chinese and Malayan dances, music and food. The Shoppers’ Festival also attracts a huge number of tourists and visitors.

International School Penang caters to a slightly different segment of the population. The students aged 18 and above from non-Asian countries are allowed to study in the school. Unlike in other parts of Malaysia, international education in penang is not gender restricted. A majority of the foreign students are from countries like Ireland, Australia and New Zealand. In addition, many students from Western Europe and the US have been enrolling in penang Malaysia’s schools.

Besides the regular classes, international school students in penang can avail of many other programs and activities. Some schools organize sports and other extra-curricular activities for the students to participate in. Such activities may include martial arts, music recitals, drama shows and dance recitals. These programs help the students to build up a positive attitude towards learning.

Students in international school in Penang will learn about world history, geography, languages, cultures and traditions. They will also get to explore Malaysia’s rich cultural heritage. International Schools Malaysia provides its students with a blend of practical and theoretical knowledge. This prepares them well for their career ahead. They should also be aware of the Malaysia government’s policies on education and set guidelines for them to enjoy a balanced and healthy lifestyle.